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Let Me Ask - What Would It Mean to YOU and Your Parents If You Got Into Medical School and Actually Became a DOCTOR?

Dr Jason Spears

Dreaming of Becoming a DOCTOR? 

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If This Sounds Familiar... Then I Can Help You!

As a 20 year old applying to medical school, I realize that research, getting ready to be published, high MCAT, okay grades, 1000+ hrs of clinical experience, awesome recommendations, and other extracurricular activities is not enough to get into medical school. I feel like I basically have to save someone's life by performing a solo heart surgery in the middle of a flash flood for a committee to even consider my application.

Dr. Jason Spears

Hi, I'm Dr. Jason Spears

When you're trying to realize your dream of becoming a doctor I'm the expert you call.

Ever since my days as the president of the premedical society while an undergraduate student at Northwestern University (Evanston, IL), I've successfully been getting premed students into medical school and I can do the same for you.


You're playing checkers to get into medical school while I'm playing chess... always several steps ahead of the competition.

Plus, I never say, "this personally worked for me so that means it will work for you too."

Nope. I believe everyone has a unique set of circumstances which when applied to my proven 7 step process you will get into medical school and become the DOCTOR! 

The Hardest Part of Medical School Is Getting In 

"I have a 3.95 GPA from undergrad and aced my MCAT scoring in the 99th percentile. I'm frustrated right now because I'm struggling with the medical school application process and it does not look like I'm going to get in anywhere this year. I thought the GPA and MCAT was the decisive ticket to medical school."

Emails like this arrive in my inbox all the time.

This is not some isolated occurrence especially when 60% of first time applicants to medical school will be REJECTED. Ouch!

Trust me, you don't want to experience the disappointment of your parents or awkward conversations from well meaning family and friends when they ask about your medical school plans. 

What are you doing to make sure all your hard work does not go to waste?

You can try to figure it out on your own by randomly piecing together an application strategy taken from:

  • Google
  • Reddit
  • SDN
  • YouTube

But you and I know that's a recipe for disaster. If the key to getting into medical school was just easily found online wouldn't everyone get in who wanted to become a doctor? With the amount of bad information and misinformation floating around you need expert guidance to actually get into medical school.

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Ever wonder why some applicants receive all the medical school acceptances while others can barely get one, Yes?

What I have for you is going to flip everything you thought you knew about successfully getting into medical school.

A top MCAT score and strong GPA play an important role in getting a foot in the door but it won't guarantee your acceptance.

In my exclusive guide I share the key to unlocking the secret code of medical school admissions. This absolutely works. As long as you have competitive stats my process will be your golden ticket for getting into medical school.

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