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Dr Jason Spears

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Hi, I'm Dr. Spears, here to help you get into medical school. As a former premed society president at Northwestern University (Evanston, IL) I interacted with AdComs from the top medical schools across the country giving me unique insight on exactly what you should be doing as a premed to maximize your chances of earning a medical school acceptance!

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Whitecoats & Stethoscopes for the premed who's ready to impress AdComs!

The only thing standing between you and your medical school acceptance is your MCAT score and GPA. Discover how to become a high test scorer and make the most of your premed studying. Imagine applying with superhuman stats... how would that affect your chances of getting into medical school?


Crack the code to MCAT success and you have a direct path to earning your medical school acceptance.

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Discover proven study skills and test-taking strategies to maximize your academic performance. Finally, become the smartest kid in the room.

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Your "Wikipedia" of top programs with a proven track record of helping premeds improve their candidacy for medical school. 



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Med Schools screen your application based on your MCAT score and GPA. If you don't meet their minimum cutoff your application is REJECTED! Here's a monthly membership offering you the best in MCAT Prep, study skills and test prep so that you have the numbers to be seen by AdComs.

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What Every Premed Must Know About Getting Into Medical School!

FREE 3-part video series demystifying medical school admission so that you get ACCEPTED!